Kingdom Keepers VII: The Insider (Hardback) - Common - by Ridley Pearson

I have to admit to some bias; I love just about anything Disney-related. I started reading this series out of idle curiosity and found myself really sucked into it. This seventh book is cited as the final volume in the series (view spoiler).

The Kingdom Keepers are now getting ready for high school graduation ... but it can't be that easy. In this book, they're brought to California where the whole thing began: Disneyland. That's right; the KKs have not yet been there.

Tia Dalma, the Evil Queen and Chernabog are leading the Overtakers in California now and it's up to the KKs to stop them.

This plot was much darker than previous volumes, just for starters. I honestly believe the book would have been better had Ridley Pearson *not* included some of the KK fanfic authors' contributions to the text. I found the style changes jarring, and some of those authors made typical beginning author mistakes.

In any event, I was at Disneyland when I bought this book and reading it kept some of the experiences alive for me because I could walk through the streets and byways with the KKs this time (the previous books, taking place on cruise ships I'd never visited, did not allow for that).

I would exercise caution with tween readers on this specific volume; again, the plot is very dark and there is a lot of violence this time out.

Still, if you've been reading the KK books all along, you are sure to enjoy this one as well.