Let Loose the Dogs  - Maureen Jennings

Toronto Detective William Murdoch has a lot on his mind; his sister, Sister Philomena, is dying.  His father, from whom he has long been estranged, has been convicted of murdering a man over gambling debts in a dog fight ... and then there is the lovely widow Enid Jones, for whom he has been pining during the previous two books I read in the series.

When Murdoch's father asks him to re-investigate the murder of which he has been convicted, loudly proclaiming his innocence, Murdoch is skeptical.  He has far too many memories of abuse suffered at his father's hands to believe him entirely.  Nevertheless, he agrees to look into the matter.

This book takes Murdoch into the murky world of dog-fighting, as well as giving us a deeper look into his childhood and time as a lumberjack before coming to Toronto to work in the police department.

As with the previous two books I read, Maureen Jennings brings us characters and places that are interesting and entertaining.  I highly recommend these books to fans who, like myself, had previously only known Murdoch through "The Artful Detective"/"Murdoch Mysteries" television series and want to see the material that gave rise to the program.