Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins

This is the final book of "The Hunger Games" series, and the first one for which I had not been front-loaded by seeing the film.

I have to say, this book really was the best of the three. At this point, Katniss Everdeen has become the figurehead for the revolution against the Capitol and its cruel excesses. From her base in District 13, Katniss is made to create propaganda ads as the Mockingjay, encouraging people from other districts to rise up against the leadership of the country in Panem.

She also insists on immunity from prosecution for her fellow Quarter Quell victors, most particularly Peeta Mellark -- who very shortly appears on television urging a cease-fire.

As we discover over the course of the book, things are not always what they seem with just about everyone except Katniss and her immediate family. Everyone's got some secret, past or present, that they are hiding ... often for what they think is Katniss' own good.

As with the other two books, there is a *lot* of violence (I suppose that this is not surprising in a book about a revolution). Parents of younger teens would do well to read this book in advance of letting their kids do so. I'm an adult empty-nester and some of the scenes provoked some pretty unpleasant dreams.