A Grave Talent - Laurie R. King

I have read several of Laurie R. King's books, but decided to go back and read her now 20-year-old debut novel.

The good news is that it definitely holds up with time.

This book is introduction of King's female police officer, Kate Martinelli. She's brought in to be the public face in charge of investigating the disappearance and murder of three young Bay Area girls, all of whose bodies are found on a property called Tyler's Road. The Road, as it is colloquially called, is a sort of commune of medievalists and reenactors.

Partnered with a grumpy detective named Al Hawkin, Kate sets about piecing together the evidence in the three cases. It's not an easy thing; in the process, she discovers that Eva Vaughn, one of her favorite fine artists, is implicated.

As with all of King's books, the characters are three-dimensional and believable; they come across as real people, in other words. This book was a treat to read; mystery fans are sure to enjoy it.