City of Darkness and Light - Rhys Bowen

I saw this book in my local library and was captured by the front cover art and the jacket blurb.

This is the first Molly Murphy mystery I have read, and it takes the heroine to Paris in the earliest days of the modern art movement. Sent to visit her friends while her police officer husband deals with a gang that has threatened the family, Molly believes she will be safe.

Until she arrives in Paris and discovers that her friends have disappeared.

The book is rich in detail, peopled with historical figures and details right alongside the fictional ones. The mystery is well-created, involving not only the disappearance of Molly's friends, but the murder of one of the American expatriate artists living in the City of Light.

I think my previous studies of the Parisian modern art movement helped my appreciation and enjoyment of this book; there are references to Max Utrillo (simply called "Max" in the text), for example, that might be obscure to someone unfamiliar to the movement.

I would recommend this book to my fellow Francophiles.