Walt Disney's Imagineering Legends and the Genesis of the Disney Theme Park - Jeff Kurtti, Bruce Gordon

I really took my time reading this book, as you can see. I would read one or two of the biographies each night and let them really sink in.

You see, this is a coffee table book about the men and women who helped create one of my favorite places on Earth: Disneyland. They came from a variety of backgrounds: automotive design, animation, music, fine art. Each of them was called upon to develop a whole new set of skills in the process of making Disneyland come to life, because there were no existing experts out there to do it.

Thus, all of the people in this book found themselves stretching their knowledge, skills and abilities to do something that many claimed was impossible: bring movies to life outside the theatre by creating attractions that matched them.

As anyone who has been to Disneyland can attest, they succeeded.

I had the honor to meet three of the men mentioned in the book: Marty Sklar, Bob Gurr, and Frank Stanek. This added some extra fun to my reading as I learned of the struggles they had to before becoming Disney Legends.

Highly recommended for Disneyphiles.