White Fire - Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child

I am an unabashed fan of the Preston/Child Aloysius Pendergast novels, and this one just reinforced it for me.

The book begins at a dinner, where Oscar Wilde is telling a story to Arthur Conan Doyle ... a story that later proves crucial to the modern-day solving of a series of arson murders in the Colorado resort town of Roaring Fork.

Pendergast is a reluctant participant this time, but his protegée Corrie Swanson is in Roaring Fork to write her forensic osteology thesis about a number of miners who were killed by a grizzly bear in the 19th C., when the town was a mining camp. And of course, she digs up some unexpected information that puts her in danger.

The "story within a story" was sheer genius, and I think that Sherlockians as well as Preston/Child fans will really like this book.