My-Te-Fine Merchant - Fred Leeson
I grew up in the Pacific Northwest ... which means that I have shopped at many a Fred Meyer store -- including Mr. Meyer's favorite, the Stadium store in uptown Portland, which was near my apartment.

Fred Leeson gives us an inside look at the rise of one of the Northwest's most popular grocery stores ... and how it came to be a "one-stop shopping center," wherein a person could buy a pair of jeans, a quart of milk and a record album without having to go to more than one place.

The machinations and manipulations that went on behind the scenes of the store's success were probably known to very few before Leeson's book; I know that most of the information was brand-new to me and, as I said, I lived in the Northwest.

This is an interesting look at how business mores have evolved over time as well; there were several things that Meyer did which, while seeming commonplace now (loss leader items, in-store bank branches, etc.), were quite revolutionary at the time.

I am not sure that those outside the Northwest (unless one is in the grocery business) would find this book nearly as entertaining as those for whom "Freddie's" is a hometown institution.