Prisoner of the Flames (Leisure Historical Romance) - Dawn Mactavish

So, we have Scotsman Robert Mack, Laird of Paxton (because of course he has to be some sort of minor nobility) who is terribly scarred by a fire when he is an infant -- but only on one side of his face. He wants to go to France to meet Nostradamus, who he believes can cure him ... despite the scars being more than 25 years old at this point. Of course, he makes it to France ... during the Huguenot Wars, so there is that going on. He manages to befriend the boy king, run afoul of both sides of the religious conflict ... and meet a blind girl. We all know what's going to happen with the blind girl, right?

My annoyance with both lead characters was frequent; neither of them would listen to a damn thing anyone told them, both figuring that they knew best despite being ignorant of a great many matters. And much is made of Robert's great restraint in *not* sleeping with Violette, with every possible bad metaphor for tumescence being employed over the course of the tale.

This book owes a lot to Cupid and Psyche ... but even more to the Phantom of the Opera.

I can't deny that the author did her homework with regard to the time period she chose. However, I think that this was just not my cup of tea, at the end of the day.