Murder in the Latin Quarter - Cara Black

I have been working my way through the Aimee Leduc novels for a little more than a year (there are a lot of them). This one takes place in my favorite part of Paris, the Latin Quarter.

The tale begins when Mireille shows up at Aimee's door; she claims to be Aimee's half-sister, from Haiti. Then, Mireille disappears, leaving Aimee with torn photos of her father and a lot of investigating to do. Pretty soon, Aimee is embroiled in the world of Haitian refugees and even black voodoo.

I remain surprised every single time the "whodunnit" is revealed in these books, which is unusual. I read a great many mysteries and police procedurals, so getting one past me is rare. Cara Black manages to do it every time!

I also love these books because I have walked the streets wherein the incidents occur. It makes it just a little bit more special for me to read them.