Murder in Passy - Cara Black

In this book, Aimee is trying (once again) to avoid doing anything but computer security ... but her godfather, police commissioner Morbier, asks her to go see why his lady friend, Xavierre, is being so evasive ... and Aimee finds her dead body.

To complicate matters, Morbier is the prime suspect!  So, Aimee's back in the underworld trying to clear her friend's name.  And part of that underworld this time is the Basque separatist movement.

As always, Cara Black pulls us right into Paris (this time, in the tony Passy neighborhood0.  I've been told that she literally walks around a given block numerous times before she writes about it, wanting to make sure all of the details are accurate.  While I've not spent any time in Passy, I can say that her attention to detail in previous books (with neighborhoods I *have* visited) is impeccable.  I always feel like I"m right back in the City of Light when I read these books.

And yes, once again, Cara Black got the "whodunnit" right past me.  It never ceases to amaze me.