The Kill Room - Jeffery Deaver

Jeffrey Deaver puts us smack in the middle of international intrigue this time, with the murder of an American political dissident in the Bahamas.  Lincoln Rhyme and his team are brought in because the victim is from New York.

As usual, the police procedural details here are fabulous ... as are the cultural details about Bahamian life.

What's different is that, due to the distance from the crime scene, Rhyme and the rest are at a distinct disadvantage.  The Bahamian police corporal in charge of the case is alternately helpful and obstructive, and eventually Rhyme sees no way around the situation but to visit the crime scene himself.

Which is a challenge, since he's still a quadriplegic (if you've never read any of the Lincoln Rhyme novels, I apologize for the spoiler) ... although he has yet another surgery planned to help regain motion.

This lengthy novel kept my interest throughout, with more twists and turns than I could possibly ever describe and *not* deliver further spoilers.  Well-done indeed.