Murder on the Champ de Mars (An Aimée Leduc Investigation) - Cara Black

I've been working my way through all of the Aimee Leduc novels ... and only have three left before I've read the whole lot!


The reasons I love them are twofold: they take me into the streets of a city I love, and Cara Black *always* manages to get the "whodunnit" past me. Yes, that happened again in this one.


This time, a pregnant Aimee is trying to find a missing person: the 13-year-old daughter of her cafe-owning friends. Zazie admires Aimee's detection skills and is emulating her for a school project ... one that has put her in the way of some dangerous folk. How so? Several girls around her age have been abducted and raped, one of whom she knows quite well.


We get a further look into Aimee's business partner, Rene, who is in love with her -- although she will never see him as more than a friend, by her own admission, in this one. He's determined to be as much of a father as he can for Aimee's coming infant, since the father has absented himself from the picture.


These books are tightly constructed and enjoyable reads. Highly recommended.