It's Just My Nature! A Guide to Knowing and Living Your True Nature - Carol  Tuttle

I became aware of Carol Tuttle's energy profiling when I took her Dress Your Truth course. I decided to pick up this book to augment some of my other reading and studies, and am glad I did.


This book amplifies Tuttle's four types of energy (as discussed in Dressing Your Truth) and explains how they affect relationships, preferred employment, and more. There are even some fun chapters on movie stars, politicians, etc., to demonstrate how the four types function.


I am a Type 3 with a secondary Type 1 ... which means that I have a very dynamic movement with a preference for fun. Women in our culture are expected to be either Type 1 (very perky and bubbly) or Type 2 (very calm and blended), and are somewhat frowned upon if they are Type 3 (dynamic) or Type 4 (still and old). The opposite is true for men; they are frowned on for having Type 1 or 2 energy.


What's great about this book and this system is that it teaches us how to honor ourselves and our movement through life without gender stereotypes. Highly recommended.