Murder in the Palais Royal - Cara Black

Aimee's thrilled that her on-again/off-again boyfriend, Yves, is back from Egypt ... and this time he's asked her to marry him.

Twenty-four hours later, he's dead, his throat slit, in the Rue de Paradis.

As always, Aimee can't stay out of the investigation; this time, it's really personal. Her sleuthing leads her into the world of Kurdish and Turkish emigrés, and into political problems facing the region in the mid-1990s.

For a change, I had a feeling about the "whodunnit" in the book and turned out to be right. Out of the 14 novels I've read so far in the series (there is only one more), that's the first time this has happened.

Cara Black's attention to detail and carefully drawn characters take us into Paris, as always, so vividly that you can see and feel the streets and scenes. Well-done.