Murder in the Rue de Paradis - Cara Black

So, I'm a tiny bit bummed ... because this was the last Aimee Leduc novel that I hadn't read. (Yes, it was out of order ... because it didn't show up from the library before the others did.) Now I have to wait for Cara Black to write a new one!

Anyway, this time Aimee is under investigation for money laundering ... because some huge deposits have shown up in her accounts from outside of France. She has no idea where they've come from, but she's also got bigger fish to fry: someone is framing her for the attempted murder of her business partner, Rene.

This book ties into an earlier one, Murder in the Marais, as the man Aimee put behind bars for torching a synagogue is about to be released. He has evidence that he wants to give her that exonerates him entirely ... and this throws her into yet another subplot.

There's a lot happening in this book, much of it involving the French government types who live in the titular Palais Royal area. I enjoyed "seeing" Paris through Cara Black's eyes, as always.

Only once has Cara Black not gotten the "whodunnit" past me. This time, I was sitting there with my jaw hanging open when she revealed who was behind it all.

I really cannot recommend this series highly enough. It is pretty important to read them in order if at all possible, though.