You're Not Crazy And You're Not Alone - Stacey Robbins, Izabella Wentz

Since my initial diagnosis with hypothyroidism three years ago (and the subsequent diagnosis of the underlying cause, an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's), I have read *a lot* of books on the matter.

A lot.

Most of them focus on the biology of the disease. Your body will do thus-and-so, because this-and-that is going on physiologically. It's helpful information, to be sure ... but it's not about your life.

This book? Is about your life. The first time I read an article by this author, I actually cried -- because she was saying "I believe you." I then promptly ordered this book.

I spent years being misdiagnosed, put on anti-depressants that did nothing but make me gain weight (until I was told that I was "medically resistant" and cut loose to deal with it all on my own). I was literally being told I was "crazy" as I described what was happening to me.

This book will give hope to anyone with Hashimoto's disease, because the initial premise is "I believe you, because I have been there myself." There are moments of laughter and tears alike in the book, which also contains an excellent compendium of resources to investigate.

The hardest lesson I have learned from this disease is that I have to be a staunch advocate for myself and try different things to help myself feel better while still living with an autoimmune disorder.

Highly recommended.