The Yankee Must Die: Huaka'i Po (the Nightmarchers) (The Gaslight Adventures of Tom Turner) (Volume 1) - T. E. MacArthur

T.E. MacArthur really has a knack for creating entertaining historical fiction. In this, the first of her "The Yankee Must Die" novels, she puts Tom Turner (a major character in the Volcano Lady series) center stage for a real "penny dreadful" adventure.

This time, Turner finds himself in Hawai'i. He and Lettie Gantry have taken their leave of one another in the wake of Krakatoa's eruption, as both of them are experiencing rather more tender feelings towards each other than is comfortable.

Turner finds himself running afoul of pirates and more, as the villains from the previous Volcano Lady books haven't quite finished with him. There are lots of twists, turns, clever steampunk-ish inventions and more in this adventure tale.

I received a free PDF copy of the book via the author's website, and thoroughly enjoyed her tale. I look forward to buying and reading the next books in the series.