Anne's House Of Dreams - L.M. Montgomery

This, the fifth of the "Anne of Green Gables" books, did something none of the other volumes have managed to do: it made me cry.

Anne is finally married to Gilbert Blythe, and he takes a medical practice far away from Anne's beloved friends and family. In typical Anne fashion, she makes friends with the folks of the little hamlet wherein she and Gilbert set up housekeeping ... and there are any number of challenges.

Of all of the character, though, I found myself connecting most with Captain Jim: a retired sailor who is now the lighthouse keeper. He lives in the lighthouse with his cat, First Mate, and is Anne's best source of stories about the townsfolk. He's also elderly, which sets the stage for one of many difficult situations in this volume.

Until this volume, I always found Anne's life to be surprisingly charmed for an orphan who was not much wanted at first by her adoptive family. This time, she faces some adult situations with aplomb and maturity, as well as perfectly reasonable tears and anxiety as appropriate.

I continue to love these books that I missed out reading as a child. Highly recommended.