Global eBook Awards Judging Wrap-Up

As most of you know, I was once again a judge in the historical fiction divisions for the Global eBook Awards this year. Well, the scores have all been submitted, and results will be out next month.

My novelette, The Rock Star in the Mirror, is a double nominee, for Best Cover and Best Short Fiction, so I am looking forward to seeing the outcome.

However, I have rather reluctantly decided I'm not going to judge again next year (I reserve the right to go back to it later, of course). This year, I read 11 books in my category and a couple of others (last year I read 14). It wasn't onerous, really; I love to read. It was, however, frustrating.

The rules for the competition quite clearly state that entrants are to provide Smashwords coupons so that judges can read in the format of their choice. A great many of the entrants provided Kindle-only editions (my eReader uses ePub); I am guessing they were in KDP-Select and thus had only the one format due to the exclusivity agreement. A few others submitted PDFs ... which are pretty much impossible to read on my eReader. I printed out several PDF files last year, to the tune of many reams of paper ... and I simply could not justify doing that this year.

I read some great books, don't get me wrong. And I'm sure that I missed out on some other ones. I just found myself frustrated that people couldn't follow the rules as laid out by the competition organizers ... and that this was found to be permissible.