Ears & Bubbles: Dancing My Way from The Mickey Mouse Club to The Lawrence Welk Show - Bobby Burgess, Bob McLain, Lorraine Santoli

Growing up, I loved both The Mickey Mouse Club and The Lawrence Welk Show. Bobby Burgess was a featured performer on both, and I was very excited to read his memoir. Frankly, I really enjoy a good memoir. It gives me some insight into both the author and the times in which they lived.

In this regard, Ears and Bubbles is true to type. We read about Bobby's time growing up in Long Beach, taking dance lessons and attending cotillions (which he now manages) that taught kids how to partner dance and also provided etiquette lessons.

It was a lot of fun to read about Burgess' process as a performer and choreographer, and to get his insights on his fellow performers. What struck me as interesting is that he doesn't seem to have a bad word to say about anyone; his perspective on life and people is quite positive. I'm sure that some readers might find that unrealistic, but having met people like this myself just gave me the impression that Burgess is a genuinely nice guy.

Fans of show business memoirs, Disney, and Welk will enjoy this book immensely.