House Report - Deborah Nicholson

I think this was just the sort of book I needed at this time in my life. I came up doing a lot of theatre, and still love attending when I can, so the milieu was right up my alley.

Kate is a front-of-house manager for a Canadian theatre company. When a dead body is found in one of the bathrooms there, all clues and signs seem to point to her boyfriend, Cam, being the culprit. Not content to let the police do their work alone, Kate launches her own investigation.

This is a well-done "cozy" sort of mystery, with an entertaining and feisty protagonist who is not without flaws of her own. I didn't really see the "whodunnit" coming -- which is hard to do with me, because I like mysteries a great deal.

I felt like I was right in the theatre or the streets of Calgary with Kate, and I enjoyed the story. I will definitely check out more of this author's work.