Blood Rock - Anthony Francis

Anthony Francis writes some of the most unique urban fantasy I have ever had the pleasure to read. The Atlanta, GA, of his Dakota Frost books features an Edgeworld where vampires, werekin, and more live in an often uneasy truce, with magical tattoo artist Dakota Frost moving among them ... as well as the human world.

This book opens with a magical piece of graffiti literally tearing a vampire apart at sunrise. Dakota is called to the scene by her uncle, police Detective Andre Rand, because he thinks the graffiti might be like her magical tattoos. It isn't.

To complicate matters, the vampire (Revenance) was once guardian to Dakota's foster daughter Cinnamon, a weretiger.

The repeated deaths by graffiti hit ever closer to home, and eventually Dakota is a suspect because she always seems to be in the wrong place at the right time.

Francis creates an interesting world, in no small part because it is placed in a real setting: characters visit actual restaurants, businesses, universities, etc. Despite the fantastical elements, characters are well-drawn and believable. No one is purely good or purely bad; like all actually people, Francis' characters are complicated.

There is no small amount of sexual tension in the book, and it may not be suitable for those under 16; Francis' work has a slightly kinky edge.

Fans of Charles de Lint and other urban fantasy authors are sure to enjoy the Dakota Frost books.