Liquid Fire - Anthony Francis

I've said it before, and will doubtless say it again: Anthony Francis writes the best urban fiction this side of Charles de Lint.

In this, the third of the Dakota Frost books, we find the magical tattooist heroine recovering from both the physical and spiritual wounds she incurred in Blood Rock. She's taking her daughter, Cinnamon, to San Francisco to accept a math award ... and meets fire spinner Jewel Grace on the plane. Dakota opens her heart and mind to love again ... only to find herself embroiled in magical battles as other fire spinners start attacking Jewel to keep her from raising a dragon spirit.

And why does she want this dragon spirit? To obtain the titular liquid fire.

This time out, Francis takes us through the San Francisco Bay Area, to locations real, defunct (I couldn't help but miss the Palo Alto Borders store when I read his description of Dakota's first visit), and/or imagined. He brings us into the heads and hearts of his characters, making them believable and entertaining.

There is some F/F romance here, but no graphic descriptions of lovemaking.

I cannot recommend this series highly enough.