The Forgotten (Krewe of Hunters) - Heather Graham

3.5/5 stars

I admit to being a trifle disappointed in this latest entry in the "Krewe of Hunters" series. It seems as though author Heather Graham was just in too much of a hurry to put zombies into her story and get in on the latest supernatural literary trend.

Lara Mayhew, who was in the previous book ("The Silenced") is the main character here. She's in Florida, working for Sea Life, a marine mammal sanctuary, as their PR liaison. One of the dolphins, Cocoa, has taken a particular liking to her ... and one day, brings Lara a human finger during a session of playing "fetch."

In the mean while, people who are already dead are being seen around town killing their loved ones -- and then turning up "really, truly dead" later. One of them shows himself to Lara as a ghost -- and that's why the FBI's special Krewe are brought into the mix. They are basically law enforcement ghostbusters. One of the FBI agents, Brett Cody, finds himself attracted to Lara -- and vice versa -- but only after the stereotypical "hate at first sight.'

And yes, zombies. With a plot lifted straight from the pages of "The Serpent and the Rainbow," someone is making zombies using tetrodotoxin (referenced in the book even by scientists as "puffer fish poison"). The reason isn't revealed until the end of the book.

Graham told, rather than showed, the passion and attraction between Brett and Lara, which cost the book half a star. A full star was taken off because I'm just as sick and tired of zombies as I was of vampires when they were the character du jour.