Cage of Stars - Jacquelyn Mitchard

Twelve-year-old Veronica Swan's life is turned upside down when her two younger sisters are murdered during a game of hide-and-seek.  She's a naive Mormon child, albeit one with unusually liberal parents given the faith, and has even more difficulty than one might expect dealing with the horrific situation.

The first-person narrative shows Ronnie growing up with an eye toward vengeance against Scott Early, the man who killed her sisters during a bout of schizophrenia.  Her thought process affects her ability to relate to the other characters in the book.

Ronnie is surrounded by a group of helpful people and friends who want to help her grieve ... but she prays for guidance and believes she has been told to seek out Scott Early and exact her own kind of justice.

The book was well-written and all of the characters were sympathetic.  These were no cardboard cut-out people.  Ronnie's mother, Cressida, has a nervous breakdown that is not at all unexpected -- and exactly what such breakdowns look like in real life.  These are not stoic people put up for moralistic commentary, but people who behave as real people would under the same circumstances.

There were lots of unexpected twists as Ronnie grows up, goes away to college and so on.  I enjoyed the book very much.