Obsessed (The Lizzy Gardner Series) - T.R. Ragan

This is the first Lizzy Gardner book that I've read. Gardner is a Sacramento private investigator, and she has one employee (Hayley, who is determined to find her mother's murderer and exact revenge), one former employee (Jessica, who is about to enter the FBI Academy) ... and hires a new employee, Kitally, during the course of the book.

Gardner is also preparing to get married ... although the wedding is on the back burner during this case. Gardner is hired by local talk radio host Madison Blaine to find out who is stalking her -- a real stalker who has appeared in the wake of a fake stalker whom Blaine created to help boost her ratings. To make things more complicated, Blaine's friends are disappearing ... and evidence keeps showing up to point to Blaine herself.

Readers know who the stalker is from the beginning, as we watch his obsession with the radio show host increase and see the lengths to which he is willing to go to, at first, meet her ... and later to punish her for what he sees as betrayal of their (non-existent) relationship.

Author T.R. Ragan is a Sacramento local, so she uses her known environment to good effect in this book. If one is familiar with the area she writes about, you can walk (or drive) the streets with all of the characters and envision the action.

The one challenge with starting a series four books in is that there are references that don't always gel immediately ... and that is the case with this book. There are references to previous cases that didn't make sense until later in the book.

Still, an enjoyable psychological thriller that kept me reading until I finished it in a single night.