Funnily Enough - Sophie Neville

This was a difficult book to read on some levels, and inspiring on others.

Former child star and BBC director Sophie Neville kept a diary during the first year of her battle with chronic fatigue syndrome. This is that diary, with stories both amusing and sad. Her family is best described as eccentric, and as her illness will not permit her to live alone she is bearing up under some challenging circumstances.

Neville's determination to stay positive in the face of her chronic illness was inspiring, as I know I am not always so when dealing with my own autoimmune disease. Neville finds her Christian worldview helpful, which came across as rather preachy at times and cost her narrative a star. I don't mind sharing, but being sermonized at is something else.

Overall, an entertaining book about a challenging condition ... and one with plenty of end-notes with suggested reading to boot.