The Promise of Home - Darcie Chan

I have been a fan of Darcie Chan since reading The Mill River Recluse, and I loved the second book in the series (The Mill River Redemption) just as much.

This third book was enjoyable, although I did not love it as much as the first two. The main plotlines are about Claudia and Kyle's upcoming wedding, and Father Michael's time growing up during the Depression.

Things I loved: learning more about Father Michael O'Brien's backstory. The elderly priest is a fixture in the little town of Mill River, with a special dispensation to stay in the town instead of being moved. He's more than just a spiritual counselor to the residents; he's a friend.

I also love how Chan incorporate primary characters from the other books as secondary characters in subsequent books. In a small town like Mill River, it makes sense that one would run into familiar people all of the time.

I loved seeing more with Emily DiSanti, one of the main characters from "Redemption," too. Seeing her open up more about her life, and how she got to where she is was great.

Things I didn't love: Claudia. Her relationship with Kyle felt too cookie-cutter to suit me, and I really got sick of her internal boasts about losing weight and how much she worked out. I realize that Chan was trying to get across that how Claudia came to love herself from the inside, but instead it felt like Claudia was very shallow and focused on people's outsides more than their insides.

I love Chan's writing, and can't wait to see what she does next ... I can only hope Claudia is a minor character next time.