Spider Web - Earlene Fowler

Benni Harper Ortiz just can't help getting involved in mysteries, it seems. She's caught someone sneaking in and out of the house she shared with her first husband, Jack. She's determined to help figure out who is shooting at local law enforcement officer -- especially since her husband, Gabe, is the police chief.

But all she really wants to do is work with her quilting friends and get her Memory Festival up and running in the fictional Central Coast town of San Celina.

Each of Earlene Fowler's book titles are based on quilting patterns; in this one, "spider web" is particularly apt, as there are so many little threads that tie the subplots together.

I have enjoyed these books for a number of years; if you are looking for a light cozy mystery series (although each of the books can stand alone), this is a good one.