Angels Sing to Rest (an Olivia Gates and Will Green crime series Book 2) - Chrinda Jones

"Angels Sing to Rest" is the second book in a series, but it stands well enough on its own.

Detective Olivia Gates is investigating a series of gang-related murders, while also dealing with an abusive ex-husband (Gabe) and a colleague who is becoming more than just friends (profiler Will Gates).

Author Chrinda Jones does a great job with "show, don't tell" ... sometimes a little too great, as with the vivid descriptions of some of the murders. While she "fades to black" on the bedroom stuff (which is fine), crime scenes are described in detail -- which may be triggering for some.

Overall, I found the book entertaining and enjoyable as a police procedural. The "mystery" wasn't so mysterious, as we are shown the "whodunnit" almost immediately and then hope that the police can stop the killer in time.

A solid sophomore effort.