Cat in an Alien X-Ray - Carole Nelson Douglas

As I draw closer to the end of Midnight Louie's "alphabet" books, I'm feeling a little melancholy. Not only are Louie's family of ferals and his assorted feline friends like extended family, so are the human characters.


In this book, PR whiz Temple Barr has agreed to meet a rather eccentric hotelier, Silas T. Farnum, who is promising her the proverbial opportunity of a lifetime. While Temple is deciding whether or not to take on the project, a dead body is found on Farnum's property ... and Farnum decides to pretend she's his PR person already. So there's that.


Then there's the ongoing rivalry (both real and imagined) between Max and Matt for Temple's attention ... despite Matt being engaged to her and Max's amnesia making it difficult for him to remember just what their involvement was.


So, once again Temple is up to her high-heeled shoes in intrigue, and it looks like only Louie and the rest of that Cat Pack are going to be able to sort out all of the muddled clues.


I am ridiculously fond of these cozies.