Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis - Cara Black

have really been enjoying Cara Black's Aimee Leduc mysteries. This is the 7th in the series, and the fourth one I have read.

In this tale, Aimee gets a phone call at her home office, asking her to come downstairs -- where she finds a newborn infant wrapped in a denim jacket. The book not only involves finding the infant's mother, but also why Aimee was asked to look after her.

Toting the girl she names Stella with her just about everywhere in the book, Aimee becomes embroiled in some less than savory situations. MondeFocus, an ecological concern group, is being accused of terrorism -- and it seems that Stella's mother may be part of the group.

And then there's the peculiar homeless woman who talks to her invisible sister.

And the job that Aimee's business partner Rene is trying to get them with the oil company against which MondeFocus is protesting.

I started to get a sense of the "whodunnit" a little bit before the reveal, but it was well-managed.

As always, these situations are set against a Parisian backdrop, this time Aimee's Ile Saint-Louis neighborhood. Reading Black's excellent descriptions of places I have been always puts me squarely in the action, but she provides a map of the book's environs each time so that armchair travelers can orient themselves as well.

Highly recommended for mystery lovers and Francophiles.