Good Jeans: 10 Simple Truths about Feeling Great, Staying Sexy & Aging Agelessly - Diane Gilman

Diane Gilman's "Good Jeans" is a combination of memoir and style manual that makes for entertaining reading. Those who have seen Gilman on HSN know her straight-talking, stylish persona ... but may not know everything that got her where she is today.

Gilman talks about her early career as a designer in the 1960s, her widowhood, and the decade-long depression that followed it. Then, she gives her 10 Simple Truths, which are the roadmap she used for recovery.

One of the things I must admit disappointed me is Gilman's emphasis on weight loss. While this was a personally important thing for her, as she works in the fashion industry, I would have preferred to see a more health-at-every-size approach from a woman who prides herself on an extended size range of clothing that is more realistic than most designers carry.

Otherwise, she has common sense advice about self-care and nurturing that women of any age can take to heart and implement at the level she feels appropriate.