Jane Eyre - Richard Nemesvari, Charlotte Brontë

It is probably a trifle surprising that I have not read this book before. I enjoy classical literature, and try to read it several times a year.

Ye gods.

I get that one is very much guilty of "presentism" when we judge the mores of another time by our own. However, I just wanted to slap Jane a great deal of the time. She's an orphan who is abused left, right, and center by relatives and schoolteachers ... and then she falls arse-over-teakettle in love with Mr. Rochester, who is one of the most abusive people I've ever read about in literature. I doubt it's a spoiler to say that he has a crazy wife living in the attic; I knew that before I read the book. Yet, he actually has Jane all set up to marry him ... after treating her in dreadfully on a daily basis.

I don't blame her for running away.

I doubt I would have gone back, were I Jane.

The book is phenomenally well written, make no mistake. There were sentences of incredible beauty, and Bronte's descriptive powers were keen.

I just didn't like a single one of the characters in this story.

There. I said it.