Earth Angel Realms: Revised and Updated Information for Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Wizards, and Other Lightworkers - Doreen Virtue

Like the previous two editions (Earth Angels and Realms of the Earth Angels: More Information for Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Wizards, and Other Lightworkers), this book is a blessing for those who have been teased, bullied ... and felt like they just plain didn't fit in.

That's because, according to author Doreen Virtue, we're from elsewhere.

Sure, it sounds a little crazy ... until you read the book(s). Suddenly, it all makes sense. I've read all three versions now, each one expanding on the previous as Virtue obtains more information on the various realms of Lightworkers.

The book is short and easy to understand. Virtue addresses the reader as a friend who wants to further understand themselves, and the method works. I have often said that, if it weren't for the fact that I look so much like my mother, I'd think my family brought the wrong kid home from the hospital -- that's how different I am from all the rest of my family members. These books truly helped me understand why.

This is the accompanying book to Virtue's Realm Readers course (which I am presently taking). Useful information for anyone looking to understand themselves further.