Moonlight over Paris: A Novel - Jennifer Robson

Helena Parr has seen her engagement broken off, and some nasty gossip as a result of it. She wants to go somewhere where she can be herself, instead of living up to her obligations as the daughter of the Earl of Halifax ... and she chooses to attend art school in Paris. In fairly short order, she's made friends with two American ex-pats, and some rather colorful characters from her art school.


This book is well-researched, and peopled with interesting characters both fictional and historical. It also provides a look at the strictures faced by young, well-to-do women in 1920s England (think of the sisters in "Downton Abbey" and you'll have a good picture of Helena's life).

The book is well-paced and entertaining, although one can see the romance coming from miles away.

A good "beach read" piece of historical fiction.