Who Buries the Dead - C.S. Harris

I am a devoted fan of this series, featuring Regency-era minor nobleman Sebastian St. Cyr, Lord Devlin. In this outing, Sebastian and his wife, Hero, are new parents ... and while Devlin tries to stay out of the way of mysteries, he fails.

This time, people are showing up minus their heads ... and all of them seem to have known one another in Jamaica. The connections to Devlin's military past make this a challenge for him, as he has to revisit times he would prefer to forget.

Filled with characters historical and imaginary, the twists and turns of this book kept me turning pages long past when I should have turned out the light for the night. Once again, I was surprised when the "whodunnit" was revealed (a difficult thing to do with me, as I read a great many mysteries and police procedurals).

These books stand alone as excellent stories, but reading the entire series to see Devlin's development as a character is a treat that I highly recommend.