When Falcons Fall - C.S. Harris

Yet another outstanding entry into the mystery series, "When Falcons Fall" finds Sebastian St. Cyr, Lord Devlin, and his wife Hero visiting a little Shropshire town. Their mission is to deliver a gift to an elderly woman from her deceased grandson ... a man who looked so much like Devlin that he was mistakenly murdered.

While in Ayleswick, Sebastian becomes involved in solving a number of local murders ... as well as dealing with the local gentry, and the exiled Lucien Bonaparte, whose son found the first body while out birdwatching (Charles Bonaparte eventually became a noted ornithologist).

In any event, the book examines historical matters such as the Enclosure Act, how coroner's inquests were conducted during the early 19th Century, and numerous other matters well-documented in the author's notes. At the same time, it's a "ripping good yarn," peopled with fascinating characters and events.

And yes, once again, author C.S. Harris manages to surprise me with the "whodunnit."

Nicely executed and highly entertaining.