A Year to Clear: A Daily Guide to Creating Spaciousness In Your Home and Heart - Stephanie Bennett Vogt

Even though this is not a long book, I deliberately took my time when reading it. I am in the midst of a year-long course based on this book, and I didn't want to get *too* far ahead.

Well, the good news is that I read it at a decent pace that allowed me to incorporate where I was in the lessons with where I was in the book. The bad news is that I still finished it way ahead of time! Luckily, the lessons come once a day to my e-mail, so I'm not stuck referring back to the book all of the time.

This is an interesting approach to clearing clutter, starting with understanding that clutter is partially mental -- that is to say, fear-based. That sense of panic you might feel when you are working on clearing needs to be overcome by basically fooling your amygdala out of worrying about lack. This book contains many useful lessons to help you get there, and also to help you recognize when your amygdala kicks in so that you know it's time to quit for the day rather than pushing to the point of panic.

I found the book extraordinarily useful and am employing its techniques on an ongoing basis.