Both Sides Now - Shawn Inmon,  Dawn Inmon

I loved Shawn Inmon's debut, Feels Like the First Time. However, like many other readers, I wanted to know what Dawn was experience during the time she and Shawn were apart. This book tells the tale.

Dawn is a few years younger than Shawn, her first love. Her very controlling mother engineers a breakup after Dawn gets pregnant, telling the teens two different stories to ensure that Dawn's pregnancy is terminated and Shawn is no longer part of her life. The book starts in the waiting room at Planned Parenthood, and then goes back to the time Shawn and Dawn met.

Having lived in a small town, and having had very strict parents, I was able to relate well to the incidents. The similarities to my own time growing up in a tiny Pacific Northwest town and attending a cliquish high school put me right in Dawn's shoes a number of times.

The differing perspective on Shawn and Dawn's reunion 30 years after the breakup were very entertaining to compare as well.

In the spirit of full disclsoure, I will tell you that Shawn provided me a copy of the PDF in exchange for an honest review. I cannot praise his writing highly enough. I do think that "Feels Like the First Time" needs to be read before "Both Sides Now" in order to get a complete picture.