If Wishes Were Spaceships - Ainy Rainwater
"If Wishes Were Spaceships" is kind of an old-school sci-fi tale. A pilot (Jazlyn) has to set her craft down on what the maps all say is a quarantine planet ... but is anything but. She runs afoul of the autocratic planet owner early on and spends the rest of the book crafting her escape.

The book is an entertaining ride that ends on a cliff-hanger of the sort one expects in movie or radio serials: will Jazlyn and her cohorts escape the evil Sterneworth? Stay tuned until next time!

Author Ainy Rainwater has created an interesting set of characters and a location that relies on her experience as a gardener: the planet is populated by exaggerated versions of endangered carnivorous plants that actually exist on Earth.

Highly recommended for sci-fi fans.