Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls: A Handbook for Unapologetic Living - Jes Baker

I was only a little ways into this book when I posted on Facebook that all who identify as women, regardless of size, needed to read Jes Baker's book -- and I stand by that assessment.

True confession: I don't spend a lot of time in the blogosphere, so I had no idea who Jes Baker was until I saw that fabulous new JC Penney ad that she and several other women of size did. When the ad identified her as an author, I looked her up and found this book -- which made me laugh, cry, and learn new ways to improve my self esteem.

Okay ... I flat-out learned that there was no shame in loving my body right this minute. My body, which has Hashimoto's disease. Which is significantly larger than it used to be as a result. But what Jes Baker points out in this book is that our bodies, even when they have issues, still do pretty amazing things.

With chapters on fashion, dating, and more, Baker uses good humor and straight talk to point out that it's okay to have the life you want *now* instead of waiting until the day (if it ever comes) that X amount of weight is lost.

Highly recommended to every damn body.