The Doll House - Fast Paced and Entertaining

The Dollhouse: A Novel - Fiona Davis

This fast-paced tale takes place at New York's famous Barbizon Hotel (now condominiums), alternating between 2016 and 1952.


When journalist Rose Lewin's relationship falls apart, she decides to learn more about the women on the fourth floor of her condo building ... which had once been a residence for single ladies. Her interest is spurred by the mysterious Miss McLoughlin, who lives directly below Rose. With her jazz records and heavily veiled hats, Miss McLoughlin is an intriguing and mysterious feature.


The story proceeds to show parallels to Rose's life and that of Darby McLoughlin in the 1950s. The author takes us into the world of prejudice, rigid gender roles and yes, crime to paint a clear picture of how various people who lived and worked together had widely varying experience and lifestyles.


I found the book well-written and entertaining, and would recommend it to those who like historical fiction with more than a little intrigue.