Emilie (The Cajun Series Book 1) - Cherie Claire

I only finished this book out of sheer stubbornness.

The author takes the story of le grand derangement, the dispersal of Acadians from Nova Scotia by the English, and tries to bring it home via the tale of Emilie and Lorenz. They've been in love since childhood, but Emilie is freaking out about the idea of getting married without her father present (said father hasn't been seen in 13 years). I never really came to care about either of the main characters, or how they related to each other ... and that's unfortunate, because the historical backdrop of this book is fascinating.

Homophone errors (e.g, "delegate" where "relegate" is meant), linguistic anachronisms (like Emilie referring to Lorenz as her buddy), and flat-out errors when it comes to historical costuming (women didn't wear button-front vests in the 18th C.) ripped me out of the story at every turn. And that's all aside from the author's crimes against the French language. We can assume that Acadians are speaking French; you don't need to litter the text with incorrectly conjugated phrases to get the point across.

I've now tried this author's modern books and her historical ones, and I won't be trying any more.