Blood Red - Heather Graham

Such was my desperation for books set in New Orleans (it actually helps keep the geography fresh in my mind while I'm writing my own work), that I ::wait for it:: read a vampire novel.

Yes, I did. And now I remember why I don't do that anymore.

Lauren, Deanna, and Heidi are in NOLA for a week-long bachelorette party. Of course, they all decide to have their fortunes told ... and a vampire called Stephan sees Lauren through the crystal ball. She's also being followed around by a guy she literally bumps into in an alley, Mark.

Stephan is the Most Power Vampire EVAHR (TM), and he and Mark have been nemeses for quite a while.

As is usual in these books, the women are beautiful and the men are incredible hunks. There are plenty of sexy-times (this is, after all, a Heather Graham novel), and also lots of Stupid Girl Lets the Vampire In times. The plot twist can be seen coming for miles, though. (view spoiler)

It was fast read, and relatively entertaining (obviously, I finished it in two nights). And now I can say with absolute assurance that I'm way past the vampire novel phase of my life.