Thesis Revised: A Short Story - Jennifer McMurrain

Joella is a wildlife biologist who is researching an elusive cougar for her thesis.  She has set a number of camera traps to catch evidence of the animal, whose screams she hears every time she goes into the woods.  Her thesis advisor keeps telling her that there's never been a cougar in those woods before, but she is determined to prove him wrong.

She's still hearing the screams as she checks her cameras.

The book brings us into the suspense of Joella's investigation, as well as the methodology. McMurrain's biography states that she has done the type of work Joella is doing, so it's obvious that the author knows her stuff.  Unfortunately, the ending is kind of a let-down ... it feels as though the author is in a hurry to be done with this story and get on to other things.

Still, an entertaining read.