By Stuart Woods: Palindrome - -HarperTorch-

When Liz Barwick manages to escape her violent husband, she is finally breathing easy on Cumberland. However, people from her past are dying in rather grisly ways ... even as she tries to reclaim her life with handsome Keir, one of the Drummond twins, whose father owns Cumberland.

The book is more than 20 years old, so some of the issues may feel a little dated. The suspense, however, is right on as we watch Baker Ramsay, Liz' ex, do everything he can to get revenge on her for leaving. The situation is believable (the most dangerous time for a domestic violence survivor is when she gets away), and the characters are well-drawn.

Of course, Keir (and the rest of his family) has his secrets, which are revealed throughout the course of the text.

Those who like suspense thrillers should give this one a look.