The Bobbsey Twins at the County Fair - Laura Lee Hope

I have been making my way through the Bobbsey Twins books as an adult; we had only one in the house when I was growing up (The Bobbsey Twins Or, Merry Days Indoors and Out), which I read over and over again.

Of course, these books seem dreadfully dated to me now, but nevertheless I enjoy reading about the antics of the four Bobbsey children.

In this outing, they are all at a Sunday school picnic when a merry-go-round arrives in an out-of-order state. They're fascinated by it, so their father says he will take them to the fair for which the device is bound (since it is near to their Uncle Daniel's farm).

Of course, the children get into all kinds of scrapes (it's mostly the younger twins) at the fair, and at the end of the day all is well.

These books are a great opportunity for parents to talk about how times have changed with their kids and address issues of racism, etc., that are taken for granted in the text.