The Shakespeare Manuscript: The Original Hamlet Discovered - Stewart Buettner

3.5/5 stars

I listed this as historical fiction since the tale takes place in the early 1990s.

April Oliphant is the agoraphobic daughter of an antiquarian book dealer ... who sends home a box of documents he's purchased in England.  Miles, her father, has been conked on the head and robbed before he gets home, so April is on her own to figure out the provenance of what may or may not be an early Shakespeare play.  She shows it to her former acting coach ... who promptly takes it and prepares to present the play.

There are some minor moments of suspense, but overall the book just felt a little lacking.  Things happen suddenly and then are explained in hindsight, which just did not work as a device for me.  Some controversies are never resolved, and some are resolved too tidily.

There were also some minor editorial errors that irritated, such as spelling a character's name two different ways and describing a blouse as "stripped" where "striped" was clearly intended.

An okay read, but not brilliant.